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Breaking Routine
I've seen plenty of stuff throughout my life, and that's a lot considering I just turned seventy-four last Tuesday. Yes sir, I've made a long career out of my number one passion: exploring. Deep jungles, lost ruins, abandoned castles that are supposedly haunted, I've seen them all. Having archaeologists for parents is probably what sparked my lifelong hobby, at least that's what I speculate is the cause. For the past fifty years I've been on the move, going all over the globe and seeing all the mysteries the Earth has to offer. I've heard stories of tormented spirits returned from the afterlife, ancient ruins that were supposedly built by aliens, and stone tablets that foretell of apocalyptic prophecies. Yep, I've heard lots of crazy tales, crazy tales that I've always managed to debunk. You familiar with the show "Mythbusters?" Well, my colleagues have taken to calling me Mr. Mythbuster, seeing as I'm usually quick to find a logical explanation for the supposedly supernatural. That's
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 1 2
Old Habits
The bench seat complained loudly as Thom7 lowered his armoured bulk into it.
Waitresses hovered near the cash register nudging and whispering to each other before one, having apparently drawn the short straw, ventured over.
"Would you like anything?" She didn't offer a menu and kept what she must have assumed was a safe distance.
"Coffee. Black. Large mug," he swiveled his head until her stunned visage was mirrored perfectly in his visor and added "to stay."
"Sure, " she stammered slightly, "anything else?"
If he'd been hungry, there were intake ports for everything he could possibly need, and the waste material, what little wasn't recirculated and recycled was burned deep in his furnace as fuel. His kind didn't usually bother with places like this.
He just wanted coffee.
She brought the large ceramic mug empty, and it rattled against the table as she set it down, hands trembling. In her other hand she carried the steaming pot with which she filled the mug, stopping just before s
:iconsrsmith:SRSmith 12 35
Snowy Town by GUWEIZ Snowy Town :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 6,408 112 bridal suit by karojasia bridal suit :iconkarojasia:karojasia 60 2 habitue by Wilqkuku habitue :iconwilqkuku:Wilqkuku 42 3 Reduction by PatrickHonnen Reduction :iconpatrickhonnen:PatrickHonnen 47 14 Dark fortress by PatrickHonnen Dark fortress :iconpatrickhonnen:PatrickHonnen 110 19
Valerie #15
When I seek out my bed
I am not tired but thirsty
Her fountain flows freely
And I wet my cracking lips
Though I am deeply flawed
This is far from the worst me
I feel myself strengthen
With each of my greedy sips
Her arms are more than flesh
They are wisdom and courage
When I sink into them
I am better than before
I feel ready to climb
To the top of the next ridge
And each one after that
Without ever getting sore
:iconrudsiliasdragonbane:RudsiliasDragonbane 1 3
Greenwich Village NY - Lovecraftian Concept Art by mcrassusart Greenwich Village NY - Lovecraftian Concept Art :iconmcrassusart:mcrassusart 108 30
A Strange Letter Found
A much-folded and faded letter was found among the personal papers of Professor Howard Rice after his death in 1936. The contents, more than a little puzzling and troubling, are presented here unedited for your review.
June, 17th, 1908.
My Dear Friend Howard,
I am writing to you, from my room at the Kempler Arms, a run-down inn located in the God-forsaken port of Rockfish Harbor, North Carolina. I have just drank the contents of a bottle of brandy in the vain attempt to calm my nerves enough that I may commit the events of the last few days to paper before I collapse into much needed slumber.
I came here, as you may recall, to study the lasting enigma of the disappearance in 1587 of the English colony on Chapanoke Island. In my mind, it is a great mystery, more than worthy of ranking alongside the more commonly known tale of the Mary Celeste. As you may remember, she was an abandoned ship found off the coast of Portugal in 1872. None of the her crew or passengers were ever found
:iconnobodysson:NobodysSon 202 369
On broken wings we wait another day
We slumber in the quiet isolation.
Until at last our freedom can be found.
And we break the bonds that chain us
to the cold unfeeling ground.
We wait to fly away from human pain,
to feel that breath of life one more.
To stand atop the mountains grand.
and once again rule hallowed halls;
Such forces great at our command.
We long to follow the wind once more,
and feel the sea with its graceful waves.
We long to burn with the heat of ember.
And reclaim the world that once was ours,
back to a time not well remembered.
We're planning for the coming storm.
The endless battles finally over.
To return the world to the balance true.
To mend the scars of human hands
and see lands barren born anew.
We long to change the tide once more.
And call forth the fire and wind.
To free souls fettered and damned.
And hear our names sung once more
as they restore to us our holy land.
You hear the tides song calling out.
You hear the voice upon the wind.
You hear the fire
:iconkitalia-emme:kitalia-emme 10 11
we catch the hydrangeas
as they turn.
the blackberries burn with juice.
I am in the undertow of beauty
and I am crabbing for words;
they wash up sun-bleached on
the marsh
the harsh
hiss of the waves
grates the air
amaretto tangles
salted hair
:iconderiveanemone:DeriveAnemone 19 8
New Message
I missed you.  It's been hours.
:iconpariahlycan:PariahLycan 10 14
To Feel the Creation of Godhood
In the sands of the central realm
Empathic reasoning overwhelms
Those who feel it
For those who are no more
And will become as such
Release is the only way out
To stop their own minds from breaking up
Releasing a charge down the hatch
Some of their comrades try to fight back
While others will not
Reparation of the q-lines
Universal seperators
In the room of the Creator
They turn everything on
And fight to defend what they've done
Burning from the countless souls
Suffering in immeasurable agony
In an attempt to return to normalcy
But normalcy is agonizing omniescence
There's no normal normalcy left
:iconitsnotnatural:itsnotnatural 3 5



The shortest, most general, most realistic, and most relevant choose-your-own-adventure book ever (with pictures) ...and it's a true story: whether they are armed with guns, knives, clubs, or are just bigger than you.
He saw the glass only for a split second before it divided his brain (and presumably the rest of his body) perfectly in half - separating his left side from his right side - when it fell from above.  Perhaps not glass; it did not shatter.  As the remaining synapses in his brain fired, he was aware he was now completely blind and had little feeling, and thought - as most do - "This is it.  This is how I die."  He also - as most do when they pass - began to make peace with himself and his creator.  He said a prayer and realized he still had time.

It then occurred to him that he could tell - even though his body was split - he was consciously on the right side of the glass.

If he was on the right side of the glass, what was on the other?  Exactly half of his brain was on that side as well.  Was his entire consciousness on the right side?  Or was there another half of him there on the left wondering what was on this side?  The implications were terrible!  If half of his consciousness was - in fact - on the other side of the glass, did that constitute a self-aware entity?  And if so, was it him at all?  How could he be in two places at once and no awareness of the other's existence?

No.  He wasn't ready, but he could feel the weight of sleep and the veil of dreams approaching.  And then he was no more.
Through the Glass
The passing thoughts of a man suffering a very unique and quick death.


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